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A New Era?

This month's issue explores the bilateral relations between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, disregard for ethno-nationalism-based policies, calls for respect of human rights and the rejecting of violence. On the flip-side, tension increases and escalation of violence after a number of events within Turkey shatter the hopes of the most optimistic observers.

Exclusive Interview: Dr. Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff to the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government

Kurdish Herald sits down with Dr. Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff of the President of the Kurdistan Region, for an exclusive one-on-one interview regarding a number of issues concerning Kurds in Iraq including delicate relations with Turkey. Dr. Hussein serves as an official spokesman for the KRG

Local Elections in Diyarbakir, Kurdish Conference in Erbil: Is There Any Space for Hope? by Siyar Ozsoy

Optimistic Kurds thought the election victory would put enough pressure on the Turkish government to begin a dialogue with the Kurdish DTP for peaceful resolutions, but recent events in the southeastern region show otherwise.

Income Disparities in Southeast Turkey by Natsumi Ajiki

There is a lot to celebrate about the prospect of KRG-Turkey relations, however, one cannot dismiss that there are internal issues that, one, have little or no connection to Iraqi Kurdistan and two, need to be addressed as part of Turkey’s attempt to solve its Kurdish problem. The income disparity of Kurdish and non-Kurdish regions within Turkey is an inescapable fact that needs attention.

Hewler Post: “How do you spell 'Kurdistan' in Turkish?” by Servet Tosun
Hewler Post is a product of the thinking that we need to hear each other out, the Kurdish message is neither racist nor does it threaten Turkey’s security, that message, however is too often lost in translation. Hewler Post is the first Turkish publication in Iraqi Kurdistan, its chief editor stated that there has never been a time as urgent as now when the Kurds needed a publication in Turkish.

Past, Present and Future of Kurdish Music by Natsumi Ajiki

Growing up in a multi-ethnic neighborhood, Mr. Aksoy’s only memory of Kurdish music in his childhood is his grandmother singing Kurdish songs for her lost husband in lament with the baglama. Mr. Aksoy expresses the link between identity and music in a Kurdish context, “music serves as a medium of expression for the peoples' identities while music becomes a medium of manifestation for the Kurds.”

Letters of the Diaspora: Ambassador of Kurdish Poetry by By Vahal A. Abdulrahman

The only genuine way to hear “the other,” is to read his poetry, that belief leads the Kurdish poet, Badal Revo Mizori to translate the poetry of his fellow Kurmanci-writing poets into Arabic and distributes them widely through the Arabic World Wide Web circles.


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